Bringing Compost Inside

In my apartment there are two Rubbermaid bins. Often they are tucked away under a table or bathroom counter. Every once and a while a visitor will notice them and ask why they have holes drilled into their sides. After I respond, the reactions vary from disgust and sometimes edging away from the bin to excitement and asking to have a look inside. In my 5 years of vermicomposting I’ve gotten used to the range of reactions that those bins can generate.

Not everyone is comfortable with worms or composting, and in our overly sanitized and convenient world it isn’t surprising. Why not send your kitchen waste to the curb and then drive to a big box store to buy pre-made compost? Well, first of all it costs money. Tax dollars to pick up, ship and process all that food waste and then your money to buy the compost. Second, food waste is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, including the shipping and processing if you live in a place that has curbside composting and methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times as potent as carbon dioxide, when food waste forced to undergo anaerobic composting (without air since it is sealed up in a trash bag and often buried).

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The Circle of Literary Judgement

The Circle of Literary Judgement (CLJ), in our humble opinion, is the coolest book club in Vancouver the world. Despite what the name of our club may suggest, we don’t judge, and we rarely sit in circles. And we take the term ‘literary’ less than literally – with dancing, singing, acting, building and drawing, this club does much more than read and talk. Our club was formed after a few members found that the clubs in Vancouver were, well, pretty darn pretentious and a bit boring – to get all the juicy details

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