The Real Pete – Mystery Man

Who are you?

My name is Pete and I am a Social Media Expert and Event Management Consultant in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I monitor and contribute to over 100 blogs and provide feedback and suggestions to them all and sometimes it isn’t what they want to hear even if it’s the right thing! My event management work is mostly with an urban adventure company that specializes in bringing extreme sports into the cities (like rock climbing buildings, base jumping, bungee jumping, and zip trekking (like in Vancouver for the Olympics).

What do you do for fun?

For fun I work by getting a sense of the best blogs out there, teach others about what I know with social media, volunteer in politics and garden.

What is your favorite community?

My favourite community is New Orleans I do so much business there and love to party with clients and take them out for real gumbo and jazz!!! Sun, fun and sin baby! Going down to the Big Easy to help with the oil spill in a few weeks.

What is your superpower?

Speed is my superpower. How can I do 40 hours of work in a 24 hour day? Organizing, multi-tasking and speed. I have good eye for detail and never have to read anything over once. Think. Write. Send. Its how I do so much business. And it builds community by my ideas and suggestions getting into businesses and people’s minds all over the world all at the same time. I get to every community at once.

Our three favorite things about the Real Pete are…

John: Spellinh. Honestly, I spend 15% of my work day correcting grammar and spelling mistakes for graduate business students – and there are many, many mistakes. Pete just doesn’t have time to spell things write or even to care about whether or not people should care about what they spell or how they spell it. And it gets me thinking, what if I didn’t care about spelling? And what if I told my students – and maybe the staff of the Gumboot – that they shouldn’t care about spelling, sense and all the rest of it. What if we just thought about it, wrote it, and sent it? Yeah. Then we’d have efficiency we could only dream of. Oh, and irony…so, so, so much irony.

Fake Pete: His Manichean view of the world. With John being at the fulcrum, because he is the only one of the Gumboot-staff who is allowed to be both the ying and the yang in Pete’s world – the best and the worst of our contributors that is. Pete is a black and white-man and when he’s made up his mind you can be sure that he won’t waver. Knowing what I do now, Pete is really the role model of the “well informed gentleman of the 21st century”. It’s just not a miracle that he manages to spot things that others don’t perceive. Like the fact that we’re all secret commies at the Gumboot. Okay. Before this ends in dire satire and a bloody feud: Pete is dead-honest. I gotta hand it to him: He won’t give you no bullshit or politically correct phrasing if he thinks otherwise. And even though I sometimes hate his guts because his comments often are on the verge of rudeness I gotta say “kudos!” for that.

Kurt: Nostalgia. Every time the Real Pete comments, I’m reminded he’s one of our first and longest running fans/detractors. Some people might not know this, but the Real Pete provided one of our first commenters. I mark it as a watershed moment in our blog – one of the first times someone who wasn’t a friend posted on our site. And what a blistering first comment it was (all I remember is he pretty much called me out about my views on Toronto). Now, after many countless months, he continues to engage us in a blunt, offensive, humorous, and (I must say) weirdly supportive way.