Canada’s Crush on Steve Nash

Are you like me? Do you love Steve Nash?

Sure, people said that he looked “confused” during the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies, but I’ll tell you where he doesn’t look confused: on the basketball court, where he is averaging over 11 assists and 18 points per game at the age of 36. As it turns out, he also isn’t really confused behind the camera (and only sometimes in front of it, too, like when hydraulics malfunction). For you see, it is this kind of multi-dimensional awesomeness that makes Steve Nash, well, one of the coolest Canucks there’s ever been.


Steve Nash, in my opinion, is the greatest person on the planet a cool guy because of four main reasons. Here they are:

1. Athleticism across several sports. Basketball is certainly where he makes his mad chedda, yo, but Nash is also a world class soccer player, bicycle rider, runner, surfer, hockey player, and, yes, dancer of the robot.

2. Entrepreneurial Savvy. Fast Company’s cover story about Nash is called “Transition Game” and it outline’s the point guard’s uncanny ability to see and predict change in the most confident of ways. Off the court, according to Fast Company’s Chuck Salter, this wasn’t always the case: “Nash was a camera-shy and endorsement-averse pro even as he became an all-star; he now pitches ad ideas to Nike and Vitaminwater and relishes cameos on Entourage and The Late Show with David Letterman.”

3. Inclusively Humouristic Canadianism. Clearly, Steve doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s all about involving others in his projects, whether it’s on the basketball court or in the studio, creating superawesome films like this one about Terry Fox. Many people argue that it is Nash’s very Canadian “from-me-to-we” attitude that makes him so good. And basketball guru Bill Simmons claims that, in the NBA, there isn’t a more authentic leader out there.

4. Community Building. Nash’s message couldn’t be simpler: make an assist. His foundation assists communities through environmental stewardship, sport and empowering youth. Check out The Steve Nash Foundation and learn how you can get involved.

In order to fully comprehend the above qualities, I’ve arranged a three-video-evaluation of the above criteria with the help of Fast Company Magazine, which featured Mr. Nash in their February 2010 issue. The magazine celebrated Captain Canada,  one of our country’s greatest athletes, for his entrepreneurial style and swagger. All scoring is done on a five point scale. Check out his moves!


1. Athleticism across several sports = 4/5. He runs and weight lifts, giving us an idea of his athletic depth and breadth.

2. Entrepreneurial Savvy = 5/5. Fun Fact: Steve Nash pitched this idea to promote his Trash Talk basketball shoe, which is the first sneaker made out of post-consumer recycled material, brought in his cousin, Ezra Holland, to direct the commercial and then split the production costs with Nike.

3. Inclusively Humouristic Canadianism = 3.5/5. He calls himself the 60 million dollar man because, well, the Phoenix Suns signed him to a $66 million deal just before the commercial launched. It’s tongue-in-cheek, I get it, but there’s a lot of people out there making some Forty Two Thousand Dollar Man movies. Savvy?

4. Community Building = 5/5. No surprises here. The whole commercial is about building things. And, as usual, Steve includes his teammates!

TOTAL SCORE = 17.5/20.


1. Athleticism across several sports = 5/5. Basketball? Check. Bike riding? Check. Swinging on a swing? Check. Dancing? Check. Amazing? Double check!

2. Entrepreneurial Savvy = 4/5. Sometimes being a good entrepreneur means putting your spin on someone else’s idea, like Will Ferrell’s…

3. Inclusively Humouristic Canadianism = 5/5. I think my dad has that shirt…

4. Community Building = 5/5. People laugh, people watch, people ask questions, and, most importantly, people feel involved in this quirky community.

TOTAL = 19/20.


1. Athleticism across several sports = 5/5. Come on! He nutmegs some of the greatest soccer players in the world, pulls off some sweet urban adventure moves and masters the game of espionage. Not bad, Steve. Not bad at all.

2. Entrepreneurial Savvy = 5/5. It’s a funny thing, using a reputation built on basketball and Canadian-ness to promote – ahem - soccer to the world. And yet, here it is…SNF_redux

3. Inclusively Humouristic Canadianism = 5/5. Getting beaten up by the Milan team takes a special skill-set and, well, the whole premise is playfully creative at the expense of superstars.

4. Community Building = 6/5. You have to have massive street cred to pull off a project like this. And, hey, it also promotes a very healthy and worldly cause. Of course, we expect nothing less of Steve Nash!

TOTAL = 21/20.

So there it is. A critical evaluation of a hero, Steve Nash. But, at the end of the day, this is just one man’s opinion. And I encourage you to be part of the YouTube frenzie (over 300,000 views to date) and check out the digital work of Canada’s superstar.

Be sure to have fun with it. Because we all know Steve will.