Matt Charleton – The Edutainer

Who are you?

I’m a 20-something internet enthusiast, former professional kickboxer (0-1) and loud sock-wearer. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure who I am as I hardly recognize myself since shaving my Movember moustache this morning.

What do you do for fun?

Funny animal videos.

What is your favourite community? Why?

The online community. It’s the world’s largest community and bigger is always better, despite what microbiologists might tell you. It’s what every community strives to be: an amalgamation of an innumerable individual perspectives; an open, free environment for self-expression and intelligent discourse; a substrate for videogames and pornography. In all seriousness, it, like any community, but to a much greater extent, is a resource with which very great things can be accomplished.

What is your superpower?

Multitasking (a.k.a. A.D.D.): As I write this I have 20 tabs open in Firefox, have 10+ ongoing conversations in BBM/MSN/GChat and all while chewing bubble gum. My power makes it agonizingly difficult to focus on one thing at a time, but enables me to juggle several tasks at once. Some might blame technology for giving me and many of my generation this super power, but I call it destiny. I truly believe it’s something that should be embraced; linear thinking is overrated!

How do you use it to build community?

Ideas and information form the basis of any community. Today’s culture is a sea of information and those who are able to digest this content to provide cogent and productive contributions are key to the development of a diverse and vibrant community.

My Three Favourite Things About Matt Charleton Are…

1. Entrepreneurial Spirit. The guy’s got it in spades, and the realization of his innovative, self-styled entrepreneurism will soon be known to the world once his supertopsecretawesomeninjacoolmillionairemaking business is launched. Amazing.

2. Two words: “Value Added”. Whether it’s a well-timed email or some hilarious animal videos that appear in my News Feed, Matt has exceptional conversational currency and creativity that positively impacts my day. And it’s much appreciated.

3. [INSERT HILARIOUS QUESTIONS HERE]. Students like Matt (he used to be my student) make edutainment possible – he has a natural ability to infuse really sharp/clear/direct/insightful/interesting questions with humour, much to the delight of everyone in the room. It’s a special skill to wield humour as a weapon of knowledge. Well done, sir.

…as told by John Horn