Larry Beasley and Bing Thom call for us to re-envision Vancouver Viaducts

The colossal freeway-artery that’s been seperating our communities for the past forty years may soon be coming to an end.

Late last year, Gumboot Editor-in-Chief tackled the issue with a great post detailing the fore and against sides around the Viaduct debate. But while most people seem to agree the massive freeway relics a waste of space (although convenient wastes of space), many people are only now thinking about the world of possibilities that opens up if Vancouver’s viaducts are taken down. Here’s a short video produced by myself and City Councillor Geoff Meggs, which explores the issue:

Several weeks ago, over a hundred community activists, citizens, city planners and many of the city’s urban design enthusiasts came together to talk about what a future without the viaducts would look like at SFU. During the evening, the audience listened to a Vancouver city planner, a consultant hired by the city to access the repercussions of removing the viaducts, Bing Thom (a noted city of Vancouver architect) and Larry Beasley (the former director of planning for the city of Vancouver). Below are a few clips from both Beasley and Bing Thom on the importance of re-envisioning what North False Creek could be like without the viaducts.

Both Beasley and Bing are calling Vancouverites to action. But where do you stand when it comes to the Viaducts? Rip them down or keep them where they are? The community implications are enormous!

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