Opening Doors to Coolness

Open doors invite conversation and community. Closed doors don’t. But here’s a way to build community and keep cool this summer.

This summer, I’m anticipating our little apartment turning into a sauna. Our apartment won’t be the only one in the building like this. So how do we avoid baking like turkeys in an oven? We could buy fans and leave them running day and night, running up the electric bills. Or we could go out and buy (go consumerism!) a fancy air conditioning machine and deal with the heat LA style. Or we could just suck it up and recognize in the summer, its supposed to be hot.

Well, how about secret door number four (pun intended). Open up your doors and bang on the doors of your neighbours and see if they will open there’s when they are around. Suddenly a jet of air flows through the building. Suddenly you have an apartment of open doors (infinitely more neighbourly). You’ve also got the cool and warm air are moving through the building, sans electricity. You’re using physics as your own personal air conditioner. Go physics!

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About Kurt Heinrich

Who are you? I work as a storyteller. In my spare time I like to volunteer on a variety of environmental and political initiatives as well as help coordinate a soccer team based in the Downtown Eastside. What do you do for fun? I like to cook, cycle, read, chillax, eat French and Japanese food, play with my friends, shoot the breeze with my mom, dad and sisters, explore new and interesting communities, sip the Bump and Grind's delicious Clover brew, and spend time with my lovely red headed partner Theo. What’s your favorite community and why? Right now my favorite community is the Drive. It's hip, happening and varied hosting people as diverse as a Deloitte consultant (you know who you are...) to a stick twirling, leather-homemade-clothes-wearing dude known as "Cloud Man".

2 thoughts on “Opening Doors to Coolness

  1. A great business professor once told me that the two inventions that sealed the fate of Earth and the things that live on it were the car (Ford!!!) and air conditioning.

    So, yes, Kurt Buddy. Let those doors swing open!

  2. when I was a res fellow in Ottawa, I made an ‘open door’ policy for my floor, and it was amazing, until some guys stereo was stolen. The floor dynamic did not change that much, amazingly, but I still felt like poo. Open doors = resilient community

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