The Blogs We Follow

Brenton’s Blog – Brenton writes about politics, culture, books and more.

Callum’s Community – Callum Ng’s ideas, opinions and community-minded coolness!

Design Your Community – Margaret Hanson knows gumboots…and much, much more!

East of Main – it’s pretty much right there in the title.

Geoff Meggs’s Community – Geoff is a Vancouver City Councillor and a authority of most civic public policy that effects our lives everyday. To learn more about what’s happening around Vancouver, check out his blog.

Ginger AilingGumboot Correspondent Theodora Lamb’s amazing blog about red heads and things about red heads.

Loaded Web’s Community – A great database of blog’s in Vancouver, Canada and beyond!

Mike Boronowski’s MEC blog – Boronowski blogs for MEC. 2nd best blog ever.

Nutritious Community – The Dish is Simon Fraser University’s nutrition blog; it is powered by the nutritious and delicious Dietitian, Rosie Dhaliwal.

Our German Correspondent’s Online Magazine

Political Community – Frances Bula’s political blog.

Quadra Island Community – Quadra Island, clearly, is a community that values a good gumboot.

The Colbert Nation – Stephen is alright we guess…

The History of Community – is a new website to help connect historians with the public, policy makers and the media

Where are the Keys – Featuring the musings of Andrew and Alyssa about everyday life…

Granville Online – Vancouver News, Art and Entertainment

The Vancouver Observer – Deep Local ideas about Vancouver

Miss 604 – daily information about life in Metro Vancouver, events, community happenings and local history.

Vancity Buzz – great place to find the coolest contests on the Interweb

Trina Isakson’s blog – a fantastic and collaborative community builder with all kinds of ideas about the nonprofit community in Vancouver and beyond!

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