Why Not to Hate Valentines Day

Valentines Day is equally as loathed as it is loved. There are movies about people who hate Valentines Day and parties for people who hate Valentines Day. People will tell you things like, Valentines Day is just another consumer cash grab or that Valentines Day is only for people who are in disgusting love or that it sucks to be single on Valentines Day.

These people are all wrong. Unless you are entirely alone and lonely, meaning you have no friends and will see no humans or even dogs on Valentines Day (in which case I am very sorry for you and I wish someone would just find you in your hole and give you a cookie and lick your face) then there is no good reason to hate this day of chocolates and flowers when the colours red and pink are happiest together.


  1. You will get a treat. Kids like Valentines day because it means chocolate! That stands no matter how old or alone you may be. People carry around chocolates and cookies and candies and it’s almost a given that you will get your hands on at least one of them at some point during the day.
  2. It is an opportunity to tell your friends and family that you think they are awesome.  It is a fallacy that you need a hot date to have a Valentine. Mom’s make great Valentines too.
  3. Saying the word happy over and over has good effects psychologically.
  4. You don’t need to buy any presents but you can if you want.  Home made presents like brownies and pop-up cards are equally as awesome as boxes of chocolates and store bought valentines with pictures of trains saying things like “I choo-choo-choose you”.
  5. It is the punniest holiday of all. See train quote above.
  6. If for some reason this day does make you feel sad, you at least have a good excuse to treat yourself!

    My Punny Valentine

Some Ideas for Making Valentines.

How to make a pop-up card:

Take a piece of  paper. Fold it in half.

Take another piece of paper. Fold it in half. While it is folded, cut a few straight lines about an inch long at the fold. Open up the paper to 90 degrees. Push the little cut bits out so they fold the opposite direction. Glue the cut paper inside the other folded paper with the cut bits ‘popping out’.


Fold another piece of paper in half. Cut a fish-hook shape beginning and ending the cut on the folded edge. Unfold to make a heart shape, or cut out whatever other shape you like. My favorite pop up card had a Snakes on a Plane theme.


Glue this shape onto the “popping out” bits on the inside of the card. This will make the shape pop out from the rest of the card in 3D!


Voila!  Add your own super cheesy message and pass it on to see the look of joy on another persons face.

Happy Valentines Day.

Masthead photo courtesy of @damoward