A Tour through Communist Paradise

Let’s take a train through the communist paradise of Pyongyang. Ready to go kids?

Well, let’s hop on the tram and explore:

Ok. Now that we’ve finished our little tram ride, what were your first impressions?

For me there were a couple. To start with, check out how empty the streets are. When you compare it with the mass of people and traffic of South Korea (to the left), it’s startling really. And this is downtown of the capital. Maybe the North Koreans, in a totally ass backward sort of way, have got the idea of decongestion right.

Another thing I noticed was the pure blandness of the place. Lots of bright colored clothes, and interesting street energy huh? Should we all be magically transported to Kim Il Jong’s paradise, half the Drive would doubtlessly be immediately purged for attire alone. Good luck Cloudman…So long Red Square.

Then of course there are the giant housing projects – similar in many ways to the buildings of the former USSR, its allies and even Japan. Missing are the character buildings that give cities around the world particular ambiance. I wonder which buildings are the homes of the upper level bureaucrats of the glorious leader’s regime.

No homeless on the street though. I guess if everyone’s poor, then you don’t really have an opportunity to have a homelessness crisis like in Vancouver.

It’s all a bit bland though huh? What are some of your observations?