The Tiffin Project

One of my favourite food-related tools is my tiffin, which I purchased a few years ago with some tasty Indian food at Granville Island. The tiffin reflects both my and Michelle’s passion for using – ahem – reusable containers when we get takeout from restaurants. Speaking of which, styrofoam is one of my least favourite things.

Michelle and I love taking containers to Ryu Sushi on Main Street, as the cook always gives us a wry smile as he loads up our Tupperware. In fact, I believe Michelle wrote about it before.

For this – and many other – reasons, I love Vancouver’s The Tiffin Project. Here’s an infographic that explains the non-profit organization’s very cool mission:

So, connect with The Tiffin Project via Twitter or on Facebook. And, most importantly, grab your coolest containers and start using them when takeout dining.

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