Long Tan Gone from the Whitecaps

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun

Today it was announced that striker Long Tan has been traded from the Vancouver Whitecaps to DC United after starting only four games this season. Tan had played a lot more last season (though the scoreboard didn’t particularly reflect it), but it seems this season he was moved to third string by the more formidable forward presences of Eric Hassli and Darren Mattocks.

Unfortunately, the lack of playing time seems to have caused a great deal of frustration for the 24 year old “dragon” (as dubbed by the local Whitecaps cheer squad). Three weeks ago after sitting on the bench for yet another game, Tan tweeted:

“You don’t give me time to playing. You don’t want let me go. What do you want?? I do not understand! Keep me of win PDL champion?”

Obviously not a happy camper, which is understandable. I can’t imagine how tough it would be sitting on the bench, game after game, as the crowd bellowed Hassli’s name (not yours) at the 70 minute mark. Such a situation would not lead to a happy “work-place environment”.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tan’s trade will be best for everyone. Hopefully, he’ll receive more playing time (and job satisfaction) with his new team. I also have to wonder how much of the decision to trade him was driven by his frustrated online outburst and other tension under the surface?

Photo courtesy of Mafue


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