Vancouver Port Boat Tours Part #1.

I recently started a new job working with Port Metro Vancouver. For anyone who knows me, they’d know that working for a Port is pretty much my dream. And so far, that wouldn’t be far off. Other than a cool working environment, interesting people and snazzy offices, there’s the added perk of getting up close and personal to port operations. In the last three weeks I’ve been invited out on the Port’s patrol vessels for tours of both Burrard Inlet and operations on the Fraser River. Seeing the Port in action from the water is really impressive. Here are some pics from my most recent adventure today on the Fraser River, showing a more humble side of the port (Massive Auto carrier aside.)


This is a view back toward New Westminster from earlier today. Port operations along the Fraser River are some of the biggest in terms of surface area on the North American West Coast. Log volumes along the river are booming recently with pine beetle lumber being snapped up in Asia like it’s out of style. In the background here are several mid-sized gantry cranes used for moving anything from steel, lumber, heavy machinery and pallets of lumber on and off of ships.


The Fraser River is the main terminus for all Asian import vehicles into Canada. This Vessel is docked at WWL Vehicle Services Ltd. Which handles on average over 250,000 new cars a year. This weird Roll on Roll off vessell or “RoRo” can carry up to 6,500 cars. Today it was unloading mostly Mazdas and Nissans.


These little guys make it all happen. Whether in Burrrard inlet flanking super tankers or in the Fraser hauling barge after barge of dredged sand, Tugboats are the workhorses keeping the Port chugging along.  We were lucky to get up close to this one.

Stay tuned for my next post with pics from Burrard Inlet. Massive conatiner ships galore!

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