Amazing Sports Fusion

It’s a well known sports fact that the Vancouver Canucks build pre-game team-based-community-winning awesomeness by playing soccer. After all, with so many players from different national and cultural backgrounds, it makes sense, I guess, for the guys to get their blood flowing and joints loosened by playing the sport that is the most accessible, celebrated and beautiful one on Earth. You know, hockey soccer football!

And then, last night, Daniel Sedin took the Vancouver Canucks’ penchant for pre-game soccer-playing to amazing new levels. Because he did this:

Is this our first glimpse of a new sport that, for lack of a better word, I will call sockey? Has Daniel Sedin found a secret weapon that he will try to exploit for months and years to come? Will kids from Vancouver and Sweden (because nowhere else knows or cares about Twin Power) incur head injuries by emulating Daniel and banging really, really, really hard pieces of hockey equipment with their heads and faces? Will Eric Hassli bust out a hockey stick as part of future goal celebrations? Was the mediocre-at-best Parker/Stone vehicle BASEketballs actually a forward-thinking, bang-on prediction about where sport is headed?

I’m not sure what will happen to our global sporting community in the coming days, months, years, and decades, but I do know that we’ve witnessed something dexterously special and, possibly, have seen through a window of sport fusion into a future of people heading hockey pucks, kicking basketballs, bicycle-spiking volleyballs, and inappropriately wielding hockey sticks on the football pitch. And such things are amazing.

Finally, whatever the context of our sporting future, Steve Nash was fusing sports into each other before anyone announcing games for TSN thought it was cool.

Masthead photo courtesy of Dooq

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