Digital Fill: Welcome to Riverdale

You ever read Archie comics when you were little? Me too. I loved the whole love triangle thing between Betty, Archie and Veronica. I enjoyed the goofy hijinks the “gang” got up to. I remember prowling many an antique store in search of old Archies when I was a wee little one waiting for my parents.

Part of the interest in it all was the amazing community that had been developed by the comic book writers over the decades. Riverdale was a lovely place full of interesting stereotypes. There was the jock, the cocky asshole, the nerd, the wholesome blonde – and everyone seemed to get along. The gang never seemed to have deal with more complex issues like drugs, booze, pregnancy, etc. At the most, Archie was only getting to first base with both Betty and Veronica. The worst addictions being managed by the characters was occasional burger-binging by Jughead. It was all so very wholesome – until NOW!

Recently, intrepid Province journalist Kate Webb wrote about an amazing trailer developed by a group of Vancouver producers at Point Blank Creative. It details the darker side of Riverdale that never made it into the comics. The video has gone viral and has now gained coverage from national papers like the Globe and Mail. After a quick view it’s easy to see why.

The whole production was done with only a couple grand and 100s of Craigslist supplied volunteer actors. The production brings the community of Riverdale to life. Dark life. Enjoy.

One thought on “Digital Fill: Welcome to Riverdale

  1. For those that aren’t yet familiar with them, Point Blank Creative are super great. Super. And don’t forget great. Their video blog is a joy to follow.

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