Community Building in the West End

The following is a column by Vancouver writer Jackie Wong – exclusive to the Gumboot! Enjoy.

Vancouver’s growing up. Like a teenager on the cusp of big changes, the city — and people who live here — have lots of questions. What does affordable housing look like? What does livability mean? What impacts will climate change have on how neighbourhoods look, feel, and operate? How will we deal with population growth and density?

As a dense urban neighbourhood where 80 per cent of residents are renters, Vancouver’s West End is often looked upon as a desirable place to live. But what makes it so great? And is it possible for the West End to emerge as a sustainable, livable, affordable leader in Vancouver? What can residents do to optimize change in the neighbourhood and plan for the future?

In efforts to explore intersections and tensions between affordability, sustainability, and livability, the West End Residents Association is hosting an interactive forum this weekend that will feature a planning workshop for residents and a presentation by Brent Toderian, the City of Vancouver’s director of planning. The goal is to encourage progressive and inclusive dialogue about the future of the community. Join us!

Date: Saturday, May 29
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Place: Empire Landmark Hotel, 1400 Robson Street
Admission: Free

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